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Hi I am reviewing our urouter.asn file and want to know how people decide what values to set the UST maxidle and maxreq values at.    Currently we have our main UST set to a 45min max idle session but believe this is having an effect on the increasing tempdb size.   Regards Katie

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  1. Do you use exclusive servers or activate/stateless as part of your client server connections? These will change the answer.  activate/stateless or always ensuring the operation is ended with an exit will mean that the client does not expect the same userver to be in place when calling the same service for a second time.  As such, you can 'get away' with fewer running uservers, and decrease the maxidle time, so that peak usages are quickly removed from use.  Generally I would suggest monitoring the activity during some 'average' periods of use and checking for idle times, lots of idle uservers means you can decrease the overall maxidle.  We do set maxreqs on some servers, but only where there appears to be a memory/locking issue with a third party dll we use, maxreqs = 1 means that the server is run for one iteration and then closed. Slower, but it ensures the control files are unlocked.    Iain

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