beta program for Uniface TLS network driver - looking for customers to participate

Author: (Adrian Gosbell)

We have been working on a new secure network driver, based on TLS and we are looking for customers to participate in a beta testing program.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Uniface support, it would help to mention TLS Beta in the email title.  Note this is a beta program, the functionality is not complete and should not be put into production.  The TLS driver would be a replacement to the TCP driver, and offers benefits over the current TCP driver and security 'plug in' approach.  The functionality to beta test is for client server applications. TLS will be delivered for web and mobile apps, but we will not complete the implementation into the WRD layer until we have completed the C/S layer testing.  The beta is based on Uniface 9.7, and can be installed into any Uniface 9.7 installation up to patch level G312.  The beta is open to any maintenance paying customers as valid access to the download server will be required. Assistance, assistance and feedback will be handled by the support team through the regular support process. Because this is all about security, we are not going to use the forums.  Again, this is beta software, and should not be used in production. Participation in this program implies that participants understand and accept this is beta software and not for production. 

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