Uniface and virus checking software

Author: adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp (Adrian Gosbell)

If you experience virus checking software reporting errors with parts of the Uniface distribution, please contact us through your support channel. We will then take the appropriate action, most likely we will contact the relevant virus scanner/checker provider so they can take actions to update their dictionaries and reissue them.  Some background:  As part of our delivery and testing of Uniface 10.3, we have rebuilt Uniface using the MS Visual Studio C++ 2015.  One .dll file was then 'flagged' by our virus checking. But only when compiled with Visual Studio 2015, only 64 bit, and only with certain compiler options.  It seems like this combination created binaries which triggered the the warnings in the checkers heuristic algorithms.  We contacted the provider (we currently use F-Prot), they issued an update within 24 hours.   We have not experienced this with a support version of Uniface before, so this is how we deal with this kind of event if if happens again. 

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