Uniface 9.6 HTML Widget Issues

Author: srank44@yahoo.com (Sburns2355)

Hey guys,  New to the site here so I'm not sure if this issue should be in development/deployment as it deals with the IDF and the program we deploy our Uniface procs and such in. I have an HTML widget that I am looking to just display a website and it renders properly in IDF, no issues whatsoever. However, when I run that same form in our program I get an empty widget box (not website nor a hint of the widget even activating) are there any associated DLL's that I need to properly run the widget or maybe something I need to set before I run the from? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


  1. Hey, Thanks for the suggestions. Update: We got it working by providing a directory of locale PAK files.(This was a mapping file.)

    Author: RKramlich (rkramlich@commandalkon.com)
  2. Hi Maybe an issue about "user mode" ? Have a look at the documentation under topic "UserMode" Ingo

    Author: istiller (i2stiller@gmx.de)
  3. I'm having a very similar problem on a couple of our servers. Instead of showing a blank box though, Uniface crashes and displays an error that states that KernelBase.dll is at fault. That's what happens when I use libcef.dll version 1.1364.1234 When I use libcef.dll version 3.1750.1738, Uniface does not crash but a transcript pops up stating that uhtml cannot be loaded.   Thanks.

    Author: RKramlich (rkramlich@commandalkon.com)
  4. Can you check if the following line is in the [widgets] section of your .ini file? HTML=uhtm If you migrated your application from an older Uniface version and use an old ini file, this could be missing. Jean-Luc

    Author: lejolyjl (jean-luc.lejoly@labsolution.lu)