Uniface 9.03 Application on Windows 8

Author: cquinn@lancaster.gov.uk (cquinn)

We have a vendor application written in Uniface 9.03. When we run it on a Windows 8 machine, the Uniface transcript window appears with: Platform unsupported Fatal error: 9032 - Platform not supported. I understand this is because the version of Uniface pre-dates Windows 8. The vendor has been no help, citing "We don't support Windows 8 yet". The application works fine on Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2, so I can see no technical reason why it won't work on Windows 8. I've tried setting the compatibility options in Windows, but the error remains. Can anyone suggest anything I can do to get this application to run on natively Windows 8 PC's? We could look at virtualization in some form, but I'd rather not go there if there's an easier way.

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  1. The issue is that the application is based on an obsolete version of Uniface, and it doesn't support Windows 8. Inside the product there is literally a table of platforms which are supported, and Uniface will check these on start up. If the platform is not supported then the 9032 error is given. I assume your vendor has migration plan to move up to a more current version of Uniface, which does support Windows 8. (BTW, Windows 8.1 will be delivered at Christmas). Otherwise, some kind of virtual environment or thin client approach is going to be the solution.

    Author: Adrian Gosbell (adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp)