U 9.4.01 on WIN 64 BIT

Author: mail@gandg.it (TheAleph)

Hi Uniface surfers. I've a problem using U9.4.01 R135 on Win 64BIT ORA 11R2 the 9.4.01 PAM for Windows 7 32/64bit it is supported 'S' on ORA 10G and R102 on ORA 11R2 so is the pam wrong ? thanks


  1. Can you clue us in on the actual problem? It is failing to start the uniface process, the userver, the urouter? Or is all of that working and the oracle driver is not working correctly? If it's the oracle driver, can you post your asn settings for $ORA

    Author: Iain Sharp (i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk)
  2. I Iain, following some info about error, but the question is about the use of U9.4.01 on win 7 64 bit : is it supported or not ? As I can see on 9.4.01 PAM for me the answer is yes, but Uniface Laboratory say Not (so the pam is wrong). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- U9.4.01 R135 Win7 64bit client Oracle 11r2 msg trace: ULM Warning: the license for feature UW32 expires in 22 days ULM Warning: license for feature UW32 will expire within 23 days. ULM Warning: the license for feature UCLIENT expires in 22 days ULM Warning: the license for feature UORA expires in 22 days Unable to load uora64; error 193 ('System or I/O error 193 occurred.') the uora64.dll file is installed local Uniface dir [DRIVER_SETTINGS] ORA = U6.4 TXT = U1.0 USYS$ORA_PARAMS = dhfr, dpa, dri, dpc -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, Roberto.

    Author: TheAleph (mail@gandg.it)
  3. Hi, we had the same problem and realized that even if the SO is 64-bit, but uniface is only 32-bit, so oracle should be installed 32-bit. In doing so we have solved. Marco

    Author: Marco (marco.aquino@dedalus.eu)
  4. Thanks Marco, problem solved. So easy, but not documented by Uniface. Bye

    Author: TheAleph (mail@gandg.it)
  5. TheAleph said Thanks Marco, problem solved. So easy, but not documented by Uniface. Bye

    Taken from Frontline.. Uniface Product Home Documentation Fixes/Downloads Knowledgebase Technical Reference Uniface Windows 64 bit deployment – database considerations With the release of the 64 bit server for Uniface 9.5, it is important to consider your database. The Uniface 64 bit server has database connectors that are ONLY supported for connectivity for 64 bit databases. It is not supported to connect 64 bit Uniface to a 32 bit database. Some database vendors provide middleware extensions that convert their middleware from 64 bit to 32 bit. We have not verified this technologies, and we will only support issues reproducible in a pure 64 bit environment (64 bit Uniface connected to a 64 bit database). When moving from a 32 bit database to a 64 bit database, the advised process is to export the data from the 32 bit database to XML, and then reimport it back into the 64 bit environment. Most of the database providers seem to have their own tools to migrate/convert a database from 32 bit to 64 bit, which can be an alternative. ** REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR DATA ** IBM Solid db Uniface 64 bit Windows will include the 64 bit version of IBM Solid Db (version 6.5). If there is a need to use Solid with Uniface in a 64 bit environment, the 64 bit version of Solid must be used. The advised way to migrate to the 64 bit is to export from 32 bit to XML and then import back. There are guidelines available from IBM to convert the data directly, which do seem to be fine, but if there are issues, we advise to revert back to your back up, and use the Uniface import/export approach. ** REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR DATA **

    Author: Adrian Gosbell (adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp)
  6. Thanks Adrian, I read your answer (taken from Uniface web pages) but: it's about U9.5, I'm working with 9.2 the main object is migration to 64 bit, my answer is compatibility on Win 64 bit and what I expected from the U doc install and/or migration was a simple line "install 32 bit database client". Thanks

    Author: TheAleph (mail@gandg.it)