Support for Windows Server 2003 after July 14

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Hi,   any thoughts on the support of Uniface on Windows Server 2003 after July 14 2015 ? (ticker) Will the first version of Uniface 9.6 released after that date no longer run on Windows Server 2003, just like Windows XP ?   Thanks, Wim


  1. Hi Wim, I'm afraid that Uniface 9.6 does not support Windows Server 2003 (at all). The last version that supported 2003 was Uniface 9.5. When you check the Product Availability Matrix for Uniface 9.6 then you'll see that Windows Server 2003 is not listed (anymore). Okay, there's a subtle difference between running Uniface 9.6 on Windows XP and Server 2003. Since version 9.6.05 (MX04) Uniface does not start anymore on Windows XP. On Windows Server 2003 (on the other hand) Uniface 9.6 will still start (regardless of the maintenance release version), but it is not supported. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Daniel

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  2. Hi Daniel, thanks for your answer. We must have missed that completely :-/ Windows Server 2003 is indeed not listed in the PAM. Guess we have to warn our customers then. Is there any specific reason why the support behaviour is so different for these different OS'es ? Windows XP was supported until the end-of-life (also in extended support), but stops working after that. Meanwhile W2003K is not supported until end-of-life but keeps working after being ended. Luckily, otherwise we would have had major problems, since not all of our customers' servers areupgraded yet. Best regards, Wim

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  3. Hi Wim, If I remember it correctly then customers were asked at the various user conferences in 2012 - and I believe there was also an announcement on the old Compuware Frontline support site - if support for specific databases and operating systems could be dropped in version 9.6. And on this list were amongst others Windows XP and Server 2003. The feedback provided by the users back then indicated that support for XP was still (very much) required, but Server 2003 was apparently not that important anymore. I unfortunately cannot point you to the old Compuware Frontline articles, since they don't exist anymore. And for whatever reason they also have not been copied to I'm sorry. As for the reason why the support behaviour is so different for these different OS'es: I'm afraid I don't know. Hope this helps. Best regards, Daniel

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