Slow Execution of a Java Applet using HTML Widget

Author: (fearandir)

Hi all. Currently, we are testing the Uniface 9.6 html5 capabilities involving the HTML widget. We have designed a form which loads a HTML page on a HTML widget and runs it. The HTML implements a couple of Javascript scripts and Java Applets. The problem on this scenario is that the execution time until Java Applet executes is really slow. (MINUTES!) Meanwhile if we use the old "Web Browser" OCX implementation it take a few seconds, really similar to run the HTML file on a regular web browser. The documentation says that the new widget is based on "Chromium". Which "Chromium" version has been implemented? Is it configurable via ASN files or other vias? Do Exist a method to debug the execution? Thanks and i am sorry about my poor english language Sergio.

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