SOLVED: Problem with $text in different language

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Hi, anyone knows how to solve the following problem: We are working with two "language" (Spanish - > E and Italian - > I) in development [IDF] the $text and the GLYPHS works perfectly, it takes the value depending on the assigned LANGUAGE. In run time [UNIFACE] do not work, the $text continues to use the LANGUAGE = E (Spanish) when is defined LANGUAGE = I (Italian). GLYPHS works perfectly. Thank you


  1. I am sure you checked, but for the sake of the group, have you... * Compiled all your messages? * Compiled DOL? * Checked that your objects are located correctly (DBMS ONLY/FILE FIRST/FILE ONLY/ etc)? * Checked that each of your components do not override the global language (ie. ASN says "Spanish", but components are all set to "Italian")?

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  2. Thanks, the problem was solve.

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  3. parcaya said Thanks, the problem was solve.

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