SOLVED: Different icons when application is minimized

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This is my problem, I run the same application in two different environnements, when they are minimized, there is no way the user can see rapidly wich icon is what

I duplicated the uniface.exe --> uniface1.exe and modified the icons in the exe file, but doesn't work.I found that the icons used by the application at run time are stored in the umsw.dll

so to make it work,I duplicated the bin directory,modified the icons in the dll, and  launch the uniface.exe

but if I need a 3rd environment and 4th...,   I have to duplicate the bin directory as many times I want different look

(not a great work)

Any other ideas?




  1. Hello, we use links to the Uniface app (we use some command line switches, so we need to use a link anyway) and within this (Windows) link, we just define an icon. This icon is then seen on a Windows system bar/panel (or how-ever-it-is-called). For some application, we set the icon= setting the [application] sections of our usys.ini file - this sets the icon seen in the application widow. No need to alter uniface.exe nor any .dll or whatever and it is sufficient for us (at least on Windows 7, but I believe this works on any supported OS). My question would be, why can't you use any of these? Zdeněk

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  2. Does the below setting in the uys.ini file do what you want? Separate ini files are easier. [application] icon=<filepath>\<filename>.ico

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  3. the ini set up works much easier Thanks a lot for all your answers Dominique

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