Info on userver process

Author: (Marco)

Hi, sometimes we have a userver process that take 100% CPU. Is there a way to know what it does ? Which request is running? Thanks in advance   Marco


  1. There is an executable available from support called utoggle.exe.  If the asn is set up correctly, this can be used to toggle on the proc_logging feature which can then show you what it is doing.  I can't upload this exe to the site, but could mail you a copy if you like.    Iain

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  2. Hi Iain, thanks for the answer. Can you send me the file? My email is marco  dot  aquino  @  dedalus  dot  eu   what changes should I write on asn file?   Marco

    Author: Marco (
  3. Hi Marco,  I've sent an email, with the details in it, let me know if you don't get it.  Iain

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