DLM and PATH env variable

Author: i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk (Iain Sharp)

Did the DLM installer used to set the PATH environment variable on windows, and no longer does. Or did the urouter include some extra environment settings?  I have a piece of code, which calls dlmcv.exe to get the current licence usage, and it's working on older clients and not newer ones. I think this is because the path variable is set on the older ones.  I can guess that the install path for the exe is going to be c:\program files (x86)\etc etc because our servers are generally 64bit, and the code is always run from a userver, but I dislike guessing.  Is there a way to get the install path of the DLM sensibly to allow for pathing the code correctly, or do I manually go around setting the PATH environment variable on the new servers?  Regards,  Iain

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  1. Hi Iain, That indeed seems to be the case. When I check a machine with DLM 4.5.2 then the installation path of DLM is included in the PATH-setting and on one with DLM 9.0.220 that's not the case. I'm currently not sure why this was changed. One possible explanation is that before version 9.6.06 the DLLs of the DLM-client had to be loaded from the DLM installation directory (and this was done using the PATH-setting) and since version 9.6.06 the DLLs are present in the USYSBIN directory (and therefore can be found without any additional searches). And DLM should be located here: > %CommonProgramFiles%\compuware (32-bit DLM on 32-bit Windows or 64-bit DLM on 64-bit Windows) > %CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\compuware (32-bit DLM on 64-bit Windows) I'm not aware that you (normally) can change the installation location of DLM. Hope this helps. Regards, Daniel

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)