AIX version of Uniface 10.3 and Uniface 9.7.05 will initially have limited database support

Author: (Adrian Gosbell)

The initial release of Uniface 10.3 and Uniface 9.7.05 for IBM pSeries (RS/6000) will contain support for Oracle, but will not include support db2 or Sybase.  This is because we have built Uniface using newer versions of the C++ compilers, meaning newer OS versions and we will not get the environments in place to complete all of the required work.  We will release with Oracle support, and support for db2 and Sybase will be added in patches, and announced accordingly. Current thinking is db2 will be next.  The PAM will also confirm details.  Note that if overlaying a current Uniface 9.7.x installation with the MG04 service pack, older libraries (and therefore older drivers) will be in the installed environment. We advise not to use these, as they are built using different source, compiled using different compiler versions and untested.  This is only for AIX. 

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