Uniface JTi is becoming Uniface Anywhere

Author: michael.taylor@uniface.com (Mike Taylor)

As of version 4.8.2 Uniface JTi will be renamed to Uniface Anywhere. There are several reasons for this change:

  • The ongoing process of re-branding the Uniface product line due to our acquisition by Marlin.
  • The name, Uniface JTi, no longer matches the technology. When JTi was first released the product was a “JAVA Thin interface” however, over the intervening years, the underlying technology has been significantly updated and the name, Uniface JTi, is no longer relevant.

Care has been taken during this process to allow our customers to easily upgrade to this new release with the inclusion of an automatic upgrade path from all JTi version 4 revisions. Uniface runtime versions should also continue to work as they did when using JTi.

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