Uniface Anywhere customer mentioned in the January 2016 webinar

Author: adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp (Adrian Gosbell)

I had a couple of questions about a customer I mentioned during the Uniface Anywhere webinar we did in January, so I got some additional information about their use which might be useful or at least interesting.   The customer is a police force in Japan. In Japan, rather than a national police force, they have 'prefecture' police forces, rather like a 'state level' in the US or Australia or 'county level' in the UK. The customer has not agreed to any kind of publicity (nor have we asked) so I'm not going to name them.  They have Uniface apps for pretty well everything, with the exception of their licensing system, which is a national system, but is integrated with the Uniface apps.  It's usual in Japan to have 'police boxes' in variously places, which is manned by police officers. It could be a major road junction, an entertainment area, etc. They are called kōban (cabin), and not necessarily manned 24 hours x 7 days a week. (consider a sports stadium). This police force uses Uniface Anywhere to deliver certain parts of the application so it can be accessed by the police officers who are manning the kōban. Their Uniface app runs 2000 clients, deployed using client server.  From the 2000, up to 450 clients could be using the app through Uniface Anywhere. Uniface Anywhere, coupled with the concurrent licensing model works well for them.

  •  They know how many 'remote clients' could potentially use the app at any given time, but they have the flexibility of not needing to plan what kōban is being manned by an officer.
  • The low bandwidth requirements of Uniface Anywhere means they did not need to implement high speed networking into every kōban location. 
  • They did not need to install the app in every kōban and subsequently maintain it. 
  • The security (obviously pretty sensitive data) is a lot easier to manage. 

They are using Uniface 9.6 at this time, and I'm pretty certain they are completely windows (Uniface deployment) and Oracle.  If I get any more into I'll add to this. 

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