Uniface Anywhere client operating system interaction

Author: adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp (Adrian Gosbell)

Several questions from the Uniface Anywhere webinars held in February 2016 was asking about interaction with the client side environment such as printers, clipboard, login information and so on.  On the client, it is possible to access the clipboard, drives, printers, (some) USB devices, sound, and so on. Our advice is to check the documentation and check with us for more detailed information.  Single sign-on is possible.  Access to printers can usually be achieved via the printer driver, or by the universal printer driver which gives access but some printer functionality could be unavailable. (an example could be default watermarking, output tray selection, input tray selection, Colour adjusting, Stapling, punching etc).  Uniface functionality to interact with the local drive (filedump) works with the client.  USB devices such as scanners and printers depend, and our advice is to test first. We are not in the position to verify all devices from all manufacturers. We have worked with the makers of the product to get devices working and supported it is going to depend on the individual situation. 

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