Uniface Anywhere and MS Windows Updates and Service Packs

Author: nico.peereboom@uniface.com (Nico Peereboom)

Every second Tuesday of the month, or any time in between when security impact is really severe, Microsoft releases fixes through their Windows Updates mechanism embedded in the Windows Operating System. For security reasons, Microsoft does NOT publish or distribute any information on forehand, on which part or parts of the Operating System is effected by these updates, before the release of a fix. Uniface Anywhere Host is built to handle these Microsoft Updates without interruptions of its functions. Although rarely, it is sometimes effected in functionality by one or more of these windows updates. Whenever this happens, Uniface will work towards a fix for this issue as soon as possible, mostly done in an incompatibility update patch for Uniface Anywhere. Uniface Support recommends to not automatically install windows updates, but first check and test if there are any incompatibilities with the Uniface Anywhere Product before installing them. Every Uniface Anywhere release / build, is on the moment of its release, tested on supported Operating Systems topped up with all Microsoft Updates and Service Packs, available at that moment for that Operating System. As some of these Microsoft Windows Updates and Service Packs, required major change in the Uniface Anywhere Product, any new release of Uniface Anywhere will have this change incorporated. This means that when you upgrade from an older Uniface JTi or Uniface Anywhere version, you will have to install all the known Microsoft Windows Updates known on the time of release of the Uniface Anywhere build to ensure proper working and security of the Host. Unfortunately, this could mean, that when you have your system up to date with MS-Updates and upgrade to or install the latest released version of Uniface Anywhere, you also have to install the incompatibility patches for any KB number released after the Uniface Anywhere release date, that are known to be incompatible with that version. Uniface will publish in this forum, any known incompatibility as soon as we are aware of it, and publish any resolution for it, as soon as they become available.

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