Show Local Disks only

Author: (hugogarcia)

Hello, I'm using Uniface Anywhere and I want to know only the local disks from the client. Using the command "filebox" it shows all disks, including the ones from the server. Is it possible to know which one is a local disk or show only the local disks?


  1. Hi Hugo, Hiding Host Drives Microsoft's Group Policy Objects lets you hide specific host drives. For instructions, see To hide host drives, the Apply Group Policy option must be enabled in the Cluster Manager’s Host Options dialog. Regards, Nico

    Author: Nico Peereboom (
  2. I would suggest playing with WMI. A query to get you started is "SELECT * FROM WIN32_DiskDrive" which would return all of the information for all of the disk drives in your system. For example the PNPDeviceID field should start with USBSTOR for any USB drives. Check MSDN for what fields return. HTH Best Regards Claudio

    Author: Claudio (
  3. ... but I think the original request is how to limit the uniface "filebox" function to local disks only ?? So we are talking about reimplementing a filebox dialog with the means of standard uniface language (aka a form).

    Author: ulrich-merkel (