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Hi, In AD we have selected the for the users "Users must change password at next logon" When trying to log in via the Anywhere client with the user, there is an error message: "The user's password must be changed before logging in the first time". But there is no option to change the password (as stated in the administration manual page 56.) It seems to be same case with local users. Can we get this to work? We have the host on win2012r2 and a separate AD server. We have enabled Apply group policy in the cluster manager. best regards Tomas


  1. Hi Tomas, when pressing the OK button on the error message screen, user will be presented with a window in which this user can change the password. This works both with local users as with domain users. Only after successful logon group policies will be applied when enabled in the Cluster Manager. Please make sure that when creating a domain user, the minimum requirements are met for the initial password. When a user is created without an initial password, but with the 'Change password at next logon', will not be able to set the password at initial logon through Uniface Anywhere. If after this explanation you still have an issue with the change password window, please create a Support Request by sending an email to and attach the output Zip file from the Support Request Wizard that can be created from the Help menu in the Cluster Manager.   Regards, Nico

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  2. Hi, I have set the password in advance and selected "User must change password at next logon" The minimum password requirement is OK. I will create a support Request. best regards Tomas

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  3. An update: This problem was resolved when we removed "Smart Card authentication" under Host options in the cluster manager. Tomas

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