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I am new to Uniface Anywhere but would like to print to locally installed printers (client local) , in my environment there will be network printers and USB and COM1 port printers.  My issue is that I have a COM1 till receipt printer which will print locally but will not print from Uniface anywhere even from notepad. In the printers on Uniface Anywhere I can see the 2  till printers one on the universal driver and the real driver (the real driver is installed on the Uniface host which is load balanced on another server) Any ideas on how to debug this situation? My other issue is there will be an environment of several hundred clients and printers, if all till printers have then same local printer name can I send all prints to that named printer without resetting the default printer on the host every time I print? Thanks Rob

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  1. Hi Rob, local printers are supported when in the Cluster Manager -> Host Options -> Client Access the checkbox for either 'Universal Printer Driver' and / or 'Windows Printer Drivers' is set. How these printers are attached to the client machine are not relevant for Uniface Anywhere. Uniface Anywhere uses the clients printer configuration to address the printer by driver name. When the client has multiple printers attached to its system, physically and / or by network connection, by default only the clients default printer is setup for the use with Uniface Anywhere sessions. If All client printers need to be available directly on the start of a Uniface Anywhere Session, than the UA client need to be told to initialise all printer by adding the "-ac all" (without the quotes) to the target line in the shortcut of the client. for example: Create a shortcut with the target specified as follows: "C:\Program Files\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\Client\ua-client.exe" -ac all See also page 94 and further, in the Uniface Anywhere Host Administrator Guide. Local client printers are physically or by network connected to a client system. Every Uniface Anywhere session creates for this local printer(s) a proxy printer on the UA Host. These proxy printers are only accessible and usable for that particular UA Session. No other UA users will be able to initiate printjobs on local printers of another client / session. Nico Peereboom

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