Microsoft Edge Support

Author: (Nico Peereboom)

With the release of Windows 10 by Microsoft, there is a new type of Browser introduced with the Operating System, called Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge does not support, nor is it ever expected to support, traditional native browser add-on technologies such as ActiveX Controls and NPAPI plug-ins. The lack of support for a native add-on technology prevents many existing applications and web sites from working within Microsoft Edge. Like many other products, Uniface Anywhere / Uniface JTi relies on native add-on technologies to run within browsers and, therefore, Uniface Anywhere cannot be run from Microsoft Edge. The Uniface Anywhere team is currently investigating options for adding support for Microsoft Edge and expects to provide more details about its plans by the end of 2015. In the meantime, Uniface Anywhere users should use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on Windows 10.   The Uniface Anywhere Support Team.

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