Lost keyboard in Anywhere

Author: roger.wallin@abilita.fi (rogerw)

Hi, I've got some information that sometimes the keyboard suddenly stops working for Anywhere users. But in this specific case the user keyboard doesn't work as she is logging on to the Anywhere server and then starting Uniface. In the Uniface application the keyboard doesn't work. Stopping the Uniface application and starting it again, gets the keyboard working. Today I have no more info about this, but I'm throwing a question to hear whether somebody has an idea about it? The user is in the same "user-group" as other users, the other users not having the same problem. Regards RogerW. 


  1. Hi Roger, can you be more specific on what version of Uniface and Uniface Anywhere you are using, What the Uniface Anywhere Client Operating system is? Does this occur on a specific client OS, does it involve any specific type of client computer such as laptops only? What happens when you minimize the Uniface Application to the taskbar and restore it?   Regards, Nico

    Author: Nico Peereboom (nico.peereboom@uniface.com)
  2. Hi, The Anywhere server version is The Anywhere Client is probably (but I have to check this). The Uniface version is (G401 0830_1). The Client OS is Windows 10, (but I have to check details). I'll return with more..... Regards RogerW.

    Author: rogerw (roger.wallin@abilita.fi)
  3. Hi, I'm having some problems getting more info about this. However it seems that it will not appear as the user do wait for a while after having logged into Anywhere until she is starting the Uniface application. Perhaps Anywhere is starting/connecting the keyboard very slow... Regards RogerW.

    Author: rogerw (roger.wallin@abilita.fi)
  4. Hi, the customer hasn't called for a while now. But the same has happened to us. So it's possible to change field by the mouse, but the keyboard can't be used for input. Minimizing the Uniface-application to the taskbar and restoring it, indeed makes the keyboard work again. The customer OS wasn't Windows 10, but Windows 7. And the keyboard may also stop functioning as you go to another application outside Anywhere and then back. Then you can also  make it work by minimizing and restoring. Regards RogerW.

    Author: rogerw (roger.wallin@abilita.fi)