urouter process owned by usys

Author: disco@discooctopus.com (discooctopus)

Hi, We have a user 'usys' on our AIX server that executes our userver processes. Our Uniface 9 clients log into the AIX box (TCP) as the 'usys' user. We execute the urouter process as 'root'. We have found that if we execute the urouter process as 'usys', the clients are not able to find the urouter. What should I look for when we want to run urouter as a non 'root' user? Thanks

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  1. Normally, a non-root user does not have authority to start processes for a different user. So if the urouter is running as non-root, it can only start a userver for the user it is running under, usys in your case. If your clients are connecting as different users than usys, then this will fail (unless of course you gave usys root-privileges...). In any case, with $ioprint = 255 in the urouter asn file you should be able to see what is failing in the urouter log file. Etienne

    Author: Etienne (etienne.thijsse@uniface.com)