setup utility on runtime

Author: (fearandir)

Hello everyone.   We want to open a form with a different [SCREEN] settings without opening the form with another startup shell/PID.   Setup utility allow it but we want to do it dinamically.   It is posiible?   Regards, Sergio


  1. Hi Sergio, [Screen] and [Printer] sections defines logical font to physical font mapping. In the default usys.ini file Uniface is providing default definitions plus those needed from UDE. You could add your own, like: myVeryLargeMono=Courier New,72,regular using whatever font available in your environment. See [Screen] and [Printer] sections into Uniface Library for more info. Regards, Gianni

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  2. Hi gianni Yes, i know i can edit my own font on usys.ini What i want is to do it dinamically for certain forms

    Author: fearandir (
  3. Hi Sergio, what about using $properties (or $fieldproperties) in the INIT operation of each component to set the font you like? Greetings, Uli

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  4. It's an option. I agree.   The question if you can change the "font0" at runtime  as "the setup option" does. I checked that the usys.ini file is modified when you use this opton.

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  5. Hi Sergio, I would like it could be possible too... but while developing a special application setup to properly support a person with low vision I was forced to implement a separate, specific INI file for my startup shell. Let's hope with U10... Gianni

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