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How to sent property of font as   "Lucida Console,6,regular"

$properties(page.dummy2) = "font=Lucida Console,6,regular"  , it doesnt work.
I think we need to provide something like below , but I am not sure how we define -regular
$properties(page.dummy2) = "font=Lucida Console;fontsize=6;....regular"
In the help file i could not get this it has fontsize, labelfont and alignment


  1. NO, you can set a font only to a name which is defined in the INI file [SCREEN] and [PRINTER] section.

    The documentation 9.3 reads (I found it seraching for "font=")


    The logical font names defined in the initialization file for the current session.


    [PRINTER] and [SCREEN]

    The [PRINTER] and [SCREEN] sections specify the fonts available for printing and display, respectively.

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  2. oh ok , actually now we are facing below scenario because of migration from 8.4 to 9.4.

    In 8.4 ,code was as shown below
    $properties(page.dummy2) = "font=LucidaTiny"
    and LucidaTiny was defined in [printer] section of usys.ini as LucidaTiny=Lucida Console,6,regular
    and hence while printing report was aligned.

    In 9.4 we didnt put LucidaTiny=Lucida Console,6,regular in .ini file and hence report printing is distorted..
    We cant change anything on client .usys.ini . Is there any way to fix it on server side as this affected lot of report printing.




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  3. Add your own INI file to your application (/INI=myinifile.ini)

    and specify your fonts there

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  4. Do you mean i need to update on client ,actually the client is distributed to lot of users and hence on client side  i cant update ..

    Is that possible on server side?


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  5. Hi lalit,

    the situation is that you modified the U8 usys.ini file, but you have not done it with U9.

    So this situation needs to be resolved.


    Think it's the best you work that out with a uniface expert,

    perhaps your local CPWR contact, "on site".

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  6. oh ok thanks , will look into it

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