redirecting files for getting the forms

Author: (lalitpct)


I would like to redirect forms to a particular oreder in sequnce ,

for eg in [FILES] section I want all the forms first should be looked in folder /opt/apt/a/ and
in case there is no form there then it shoud look into /opt/apt/b/
*.frm            = /opt/apt/a/*.frm
*.frm            = /opt/apt/b/*.frm

I tried above thing but it dosnt work


  1. Hi Lalit

    You can't do a "fallback" with redirection.

    If the directory where to find a FRM depends on the name of the FRM you can do this:

    a*.frm            = /opt/apt/a/a*.frm
    b*.frm            = /opt/apt/b/b*.frm

    or like this

    *a*.frm            = /opt/apt/a/*a*.frm
    *b*.frm            = /opt/apt/b/*b*.frm

    and so on.

    If you need a kind of fallback for handling patches, you can use the UAR-mechanism


    Where  resource_a.uar  resp.  resource_b.uar  are ZIP directories (conformig UnifAce rules)




    Author: istiller (
  2. You should be able to do SOMETHING like this, in uniface 9, using the resources idea rather than direct forms.

    The resources path can be either a uar (zip) file or a folder, BUT the folder must have the components (signatures etc) in specific subfolders (forms in frm, services in svc etc)



    will look for a specific form (jim.frm)

    and for a service (bill.svc)

    This is how we do patching, the asn is set up as follows


    Where newprogs is a folder, and the rest are .uar files. main_system.uar contains the app as per major release, then the patches contain the new programs as tested patches and finally newprogs contains any 'emergency' programs (hotfixes) needed right now.

    The resources are read form top down, and the first copy of the program found is the one used, so Patch004 and Patch 002 could both contain jim.frm (as well as main_system.uar) and it would be the one from Patch 004 that was used.

    remember to check out $search_resources in the assignment file

    Author: Iain Sharp (