problem with object service after migration to U9

Author: (cyrius)


we have problem with object service after migration from U 7.2.06 (through U9) to U 9.4.01. This service was migrated as classic service but the entity expects this service as entity service . Do you know some tricks how can we transform classic service to the entityservice?




  1. Hy cyrius

    in the component editor, you can try File => Convert => to Entity Service.

    Success, Uli

    P.S: if you have lots of these conversions:

    1) BACKUP your COMPLETE REPOSITORY in case something goes wrong

    2) export all the sessions you want to convert to XML

    3) change:

    <DAT name="UTRANSACT">1</DAT>
    <DAT name="UTRANSACT">3</DAT>

    4) reimport the changed export file

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Thanks a lot Uli,

    but , our object service was generate from template service , so I have disable this item - "convert to entity service" in the menu. I think, I have to convert template service to template entity service and compile object service. Is it all ?


    Author: cyrius (
  3. Hi cyril,

    I see: the old dilemma with code generation from templates

    either: migrate the generated code
    or: regenerate ofter migrating the templates

    for me, all ways seem to be acceptable as long as you end up with a UTRANSACT of "3" in your repository.

    Perhaps some CPWR employee may have some political correct way of doing to share with us.

    Success, Uli

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