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Author: osieman@gmail.com (osie_osie)

Hi All

I would like to implement a simple popup form for the web.

I have a DSP.  I have a button to activate the popup which will return the chosen record.

. What i do not want is just to have a listbox as I have some search criteria the user can do to reduce the record set.

. What i do not want is to put the popup on the side in a container as this would take up space of the main DSP.


So, ideally I want to call the pop up and it appears in the middle of the main dsp.  Select a record after adding some search criteria and it populates the main DSP. The user must choose a record of quit the popup screen before continue processing.

Just to clarify: I can activate the popup but without a dspcontainer to put it in, it does not appear.

Is this possible?  What am I missing.







  1. Hi osie,

    I assume that you look for a concept INSIDE of uniface,

    so what about implementing this selection inside a "hidden" container
    and make it visible with the button (while all the other are greyed out)?

    Just an idea, but we used similar things years and years ago.

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  2. Hi Uli

    Yep, for the moment its strictly inside...

    And works fine.  What I was missing was that you can overlap DSP-containers.


    When you say.. greyed out. Does that mean that I will need to set the colour and set the fields to ned, or is there some web property that does this.

    btw: I have found that the popup will stop the main screen from being accessable in the area vertically that the pop up is.  So, if the popup takes up vertically all the space of the main screen then the main screen will be non accessable by default.




    Author: osie_osie (osieman@gmail.com)
  3. Hi osie,

    glad to hear that my suggestion worked for you.

    In the good old days we created a lot of fancy forms this way.
    And we had even more fun after "attched to window border" was introduced.

    "greyed out" is just a metaphor for "DIM" all other fields.
    For the moment in time, I have not too detailed hands-on experiences in web-makeup and facelifting.

    Success, Uli

    P.S: lots of snow falling today in frankfurt/germany how is the weather on your site (business over christmas)?

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  4. Thanks Uli.. I will keep prodding on.

    We were actually in Munich a few days ago and enjyoed the snow and munich life style (beer and duck).

    Here is mostly sunny... and the good news is that we are closed till March... so time to get coding again.




    Author: osie_osie (osieman@gmail.com)