passing database as parameter while opening exclusive connection

Author: (lalitpct)

Below urouter.asn is running on server and using it we are trying to open different database , I created 2 asn files for that. both asn file has everything same but database as shown below. From application we open exclusing connection using asn gui_1.asn or gui_2.asn urouter.asn ----------- [SERVERS] startup = /opt/uniface/9601/common/bin/userver -maxreq=1000 -dir=/var/dev/ap /asn=/opt/start/startup.asn db1 = /opt/uniface/9601/common/bin/userver -maxreq=1000 -dir=/var/dev/ap /asn=/opt/dev/sources/asn96/gui_1.asn db2 = /opt/uniface/9601/common/bin/userver -maxreq=1000 -dir=/var/dev/tap /asn=/opt/dev/sources/asn96/gui_2.asn gui_1.asn ------- [PATHS] $DEF SYB:db1.schema|?|? gui_2.asn --------- [PATHS] $DEF SYB:db2.schema|?|? I want to avoid using 2 asn files and need to remove db1 and db2 and put the database when exclusive connection is used as shown below New one ----------- urouter.asn ----------- [SERVERS] startup = /opt/uniface/9601/common/bin/userver -maxreq=1000 -dir=/var/dev/ap /asn=/opt/start/startup.asn db1 = /opt/uniface/9601/common/bin/userver -maxreq=1000 -dir=/var/dev/ap /asn=/opt/dev/sources/asn96/gui.asn db1 db2 = /opt/uniface/9601/common/bin/userver -maxreq=1000 -dir=/var/dev/tap /asn=/opt/dev/sources/asn96/gui.asn db2 gui.asn ------- [PATHS] $DEF SYB:?.schema|?|? above setting dont work as i didnt set it up correctly is there a way to make it work?

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