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Hi, Is there a way to use open office suite instead of Ms Excel to make sheets?

We have a client/server application with uniface 7 and we migrate it to 9; in the old application we use instruccions like:

$13 = "Excel.Application"



Can we use open office changing the less code as possible?

Thank you, and merry christmas.



  1. Hi Rafa,

    AFAIK, open office does not support Microsoft proprietary DDE/OLE.
    So you have to modify your application.

    On the other hand, one can provide an adapter to OpenOffice
    so all you have to do is to replace the

    perform "OA....


    call my_OA...

    Success, Uli

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  2. Thank you Uli.

    Has anyone done the adapter?

     I´ll try it and i´ll do it.



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  3. The last question for today, i hope, It´s necesary to have installed MS Office to use Microsoft proprietary DDE/OLE?


    I mean, if i haven´t install Ms Office and i launch perform "OACREATEOBJECT", it works?

    Thank you again.

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  4. Hi Rafa,

    AFAIK, you have to install the MS Office on each PC where you want to use the "Office Automation" (OA).

    Success, Uli

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  5. Hi rafa,

    I have not implemented such an "OA"-adapter,
    but a subsection of the dITo ("do IT ourself") is focused on general "Adapter requirements".

    Perhaps we can make a joint project out of it?

    Success, Uli



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  6. That would be fantastic, if you give me the first steps, i´ll follow on my own.

     I don´t know if the client need it really, the problem is the money, open office is free, Ms Office no, but i like to do it.

    That would be great, send me a mail to


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  7. Ha Rafa,

    Open Office and Excel Spreadsheets works with csv files. (comma separated values). 

    A simple connection is a loosely coupled connection.

    In practise, use filedump/append to create your comma seperated value files

    Activate a browser showing the values using a plugin or activaite the application of your choice.

    With kind regards

    Dino Seelig

    ITIS, The Netherlands



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  8. Thanks Dino, but i´m trying to change the leats possible code, so i try to use another way; perhaps a java program.



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  9. Hi Rafa,

    sent you an e-mail to elaborate the problem in a non-disclosure area.

    Success, Uli

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  10. Hi,

    In our migration tool we do not want to change too much code created by our customers so we came up with the following solution:

    We created a Uniface Service with operations for each function of OLE Automation, such as OACREATEOBJECT.
    We replace all performs with calls to these operations.

    After that you can make all your code changes needed to replace Excel with Open Office in one central location.

    Tempting idea:
    In theory you should be able to do a remote execute of this service on a server that has MS Office installed,
    so you don't need it on the client...

    The interesting part is of course what the new code should be.
    But I can't help you there because we have not had a request for Open Office yet.

    Theo Neeskens
    Solution Architect
    Uniface Services

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  11. Hi Theo,

    is this OA-Service available as freeware somewhere?

    A Happy New Year to all "the lab" workers.

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  12. Hi Uli,

     "is this OA-Service available as freeware somewhere?"

    It is only available as a Service from Compuware, not as a Product.
    ( it uses the engine of our migration tool)

    A Happy New Year to all "the lab" workers.
    And a happy new year to the whole Uniface community !

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