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Hi there,

Has anyone any experience with the java call-in? I mean the java call-in, so I want to call an Uniface comp or app from java. I use Uniface 8.4, but am very interested in this in Uniface 9.3.
Please share your experience with me in this forum.



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  1. Hi Peter,


    that was some topic for the last weeks. We have a call-in in UNIFACE 8, just give some text to a uniface service.

    In UNIFACE 8, there is a problem with the multi-processes from java. You can only start one UNIFACE instance pro process. So you can't use multithreading.

    Now we transfer this part to UNIFACE 9.

    First of all, there are some missing hints in the documentation and the Lab has to help me out.

    You need a manifest-file for java.exe and javaw.exe (standard windows manifest).

    On XP this should solve most problems.

    On W2K you have to hack the ulib.dll and uenc.dll and add an internal manifest. It is a little bit tricky, but than it should work



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