issue with open command for sybase database

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We have two application
1)application and database on same server in this case when we use
  open "|%%id.dummy|%%pass.dummy","$STA" ($STA is given in the server asn file and here there is only one asn file)
  It works fine
2)application on windows and database on unix server
  open "|%%id.dummy|%%pass.dummy","$STA" ($STA is given in the server asn file)
  In this case i get error as "15  Login: a username must be given"
  but I have provided those value, we are connecting via urouter with exclusive connection to the server.
  Not sure if i have to give additional parameter as here database and client is on differet server

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  1. Hi,


    I believe you have to add a network-path to your client-asn. This network-path should point to your userver-asn.

    First you should try this without open statement...and than insert the open statement, but I am not sure if this will be pass through.



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