fileload data in ZIP archive

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Hi all In Uniface help under fileload is written: "The file can be located in a zip archive". I tried a little around but didn't find how this works... Did somebody try this successfully? In my case I have a ZIP "" which contains a file "bcbankenstamm". The ZIP is located for example in "c:\temp" Another question about fileload: Is there any limit of the size of the file loaded with "fileload"? What happens when this limit is excessed? Thanks! Jürg


  1. Hi jürg, AFAIK, the only limit for a fileload is the available memory. In situations where I recommended USEQREAD, I heard from loading of some 10+GB files. Now on something completely different: in the helpfile(9601x101) under "Syntax of File and Directory Names" you can find the following hint: Zip archive specification in the following format: {Prefix} {DirectoryPath} Recursive zip definitions are allowed (zip within zip). Gutes Neues Jahr in die Schweiz, Uli

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  2. Thanks Uli So for the moment I don't concern about the size... I also read this hint in the Helpfile... but it simple didn't work. But I think I will try again.... Gutes Neues Jarh auch nach Deutschland! Jürg

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  3. just tried the fileload (9601) with a full path and a path relative to the workin directory of fileload worked w/o problems filedump worked ok with /append and without; in the beginning of the filedump test, i got some $status of -4, but I could not found a reason why

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