extract username used to login to server operating system

Author: lalitpct@gmail.com (lalitpct)

is theere any function to extract login user id to server operating system, i tried $user but it returns value USER. server os is unix


  1. Have you tried $processinfo("user")?

    Author: Dennis van Duijn (dennis.van.duijn@sogeti.com)
  2. I get $processinfo output only when exclusive connection is opened as shown below . (_detail) CONNECT_UROUTER:1 activate "OSUSR"."GET_OSID"( PID ) (_detail) CONNECT_UROUTER:2 [-155] putmess "output is is %%PID" <------------------- before exclusive connection opening output is is (_detail) CONNECT_UROUTER:3 [-155] putmess "in connect urouter - %%$$FUNC_ID, %%$$SERVER" in connect urouter - rsm2app2, SMART2AP (_detail) CONNECT_UROUTER:4 [-155] open "|%%$$FUNC_ID|%%$PINFO$|%%$$SERVER /ex", "$LOG/NET" (_detail) CONNECT_UROUTER:5 putmess "status is %%$status" status is 0 (_detail) CONNECT_UROUTER:6 if ($status < 0) (_detail) CONNECT_UROUTER:10 endif (_detail) CONNECT_UROUTER:11 activate "OSUSR"."GET_OSID"( PID ) <---------------after exclusive connetion opening (_detail) CONNECT_UROUTER:12 putmess "output is is %%PID" output is is rsm2app2 code in osusr services ================== operation get_osid params string vPID : inout endparams vPID = $processinfo("user") end

    Author: lalitpct (lalitpct@gmail.com)
  3. To get your local user, the process needs to run on the local client, so you shouldn't be routing that service via the urouter. $processinfo will give you the user logged in with reference to the process which is running, and if that's on the server then the user will be userver/urouter or whoever runs the service on the server. To get the local (client) user, $processinfo needs to be run on the client.

    Author: Iain Sharp (i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk)