error -59 in upopmail->SetSecurity operation

Author: (danieto)

Under Uniface 9.4, I'm getting a $procerror = -59 error every time that I call the SetSecurity Operation. Here is a portion of the code:

newinstance "UPOPMAIL", $upopmail$

;Place a security driver into the security context:
v_ss_properties = "SMTP=UAuthLoginSMTP·;USE=opt"
v_ss_parameters = "USER=%%v_decoded_user%%%·;PASSWORD=%%v_decoded_pwd%%%"

$upopmail$->SetSecurity(v_ss_properties, v_ss_parameters)
if ($status < 0)
  return (-1)

Had anyone experienced this problem?


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  1. I got it working. I was trying to migrate an application done in Uniface 8.2, somehow it had a UPOPMAIL signature specified. Once I migrated to Uniface 9.4 the UPOPMAIL internal signature got corrupted.

    To resolve this I just avoid importing the old UPOPMAIL signature and let Uniface take the default.





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