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Hi all, I have to print a Uniface report, made with Uniface 9.4 and composed of 2 pages, in one double-sided paper; is there a way to set by Uniface printer settings in order to produce a double-sided result instead of manually change printer settings whenever I want to print such report? Thanks all in advance Paolo

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  1. Hi Paolo, You could define a logical printer and configure the printer to print double-sided. And when you print the report then you use the logical printer with the double-sided configuration (this is done using the /queue=LogicalPrinterName option in the Print Options of the Print Job Model). You can find more info here:

    Please note that each logical is linked to a physical printer. So in case you use different printers then you need to create for each printer a logical printer (and set double-sided printing). Hope this helps. Daniel

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