access key functionality and windows representation setting on button

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We have modified our application so the buttons will look like XP/vista style buttons by setting the representation property of a button to Windows. When we do this we lose the access key functionality on the button (ie use the % symbol in the text for a button to indicate the Alt+"character following the %" combination to activate the command button). Our users like the new button look but are use to using the access key combinations on a screen. If we switch back to using the Uniface representation for the button, the access keys work fine.

Is there any setting I need to get the access keys to work with the Windows button representation or is this function not support? Has anyone had this problem and/or developed some work around functionality?

Thanks, Tony




  1. Hi Tony,

    unfortunately, this is a documented behaviour.
    The Uniface Button style provides additional functionality other styled don't.

    So you can decide what is more important for you.

    Success, Uli

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  2. You could try the following in the usys.ini



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