Vertical panel icons

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Uniface 9.6.04 and Uniface 9.6.07. Got this question from an Uniface user and I couldn't answer Confused. Selecting panel type "left" or "right" (Setup -> miscellaneous), is it possible to get the icons vertically? At least here it makes a very high row, covering half of the application-screen. Regards RogerW. 


  1. The user said that the panel has set the icons vertically before. I tried with Uniface7 and it loooked the same. Apparently a (right, left) panel has always been like this (horisontal) in Uniface. Probably it has neither changed with some operating system. I think the idea was to get some more vertical size for a demo on a small laptop. However the view of (right, left) panel wasn't an alternative. I suppose we have to buy some bigger laptops and continue to use top panelsWink. Regards RogerW.

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  2. Hi RogerW, Thanks for sharing this. I could not really find any additional info and you are probably right that the panel has always worked like this. The panel type really does only specify where the panel should be shown on screen. In case you would like to have a panel that is shown "horizontally" then you need to create one that has the desired layout. Regards, Daniel

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