Version Control, DTD's, xslt maps and DTD default mappings

Author: (Knut)

I'm exporting a number of repositories using $ude - and I'm up against some 'missing items'... In the Uniface export screen as well as in the Uniface Clustering (version control) preferences screen, there are no options to export / cluster DTD's, DTD Default mapping as well as XSLT maps. However, I'd like to have version control on those objects as well - but Uniface doesn't like exporting these objects independently I know I can export the relevant entitles using /cpy from the command line - it's the export/import using version control that somewhat confuses me... Any suggestions / ideas / best practices anyone? Knut


  1. Happy to be proven wrong on this but I'm 90% sure DTDs end up in the model export files?

    Author: James Rodger (
  2. Hi James, Thank you for reminding me about the model diagrams as well - being in the model exports... It's the independent export I'm searching for - because when I'm only modifying one DTD in a model with 300 entities, it doesn't make any sense to have to export / import all entities / model diagrams etc etc. In other words, it would be really nice to have a much finer level of granularity - esp around the model(s), dtd's etc etc. Cheers, Knut

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  3. Hi Knut, I'm 100% sure you already had the idea and are looking for a more supported way, but: just use the normal Export data. Function 300 from icomp ( with a where clause and compose your export file from the tables of the repository. If it comes to "bare" datamodel entities, the CASE unload is an option to get a finer granularity, but it does not include DTDs or diagrams. Greetings from a sunny Frankfurt/Germany, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  4. Not an ideal situation, but how about moving your DTD's to a separate model? So you don't have to check-in your 300+ entities every time a DTD changes. For what I have seen from internal presentations, Uniface 10 will offer the finer granularity.

    Author: Arjen van Vliet (
  5. Hi Arjen, That could be an option - looks kind of funny though with a model, no entities, nothing visible - and you only see the content once you click on the DTD button. Of course, it would mean changing code as all the XML parameters do take the model as a part of their specification.... Cry So, all in all, I'm not sure I want to head down that rabbit hole.... As they say, it is what it is - doesn't sound as if there's a short term solution... Knut

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