Using UPOPMAIL from within a Sevice Component

Author: (Sandip)


Is anyone sending emails using UPOPMAIL from a Service Component ?

The Service is running on Urouter. I want it to email the user that the job has started/ended.

I get 'UPOPMAIL: <E1> PARSE_HEADERLIST: missing mandatory element 'from' in header_list' in the userver log file.

Although i have specified the etc


  1. We are, Uniface V 9.3 works okay for us.

    Author: Iain Sharp (
  2. We do the same ... works fine!

    The only change from 9.2 to 9.3 was that the header wasn't to be overridden with custom tags anymore (what is a pity btw) ... But aside from that: Works well as Ian already wrote.



    Author: -GHAN- (