Using 9.3.02-binaries with uniface 9.6 runtime

Author: (BenjaminSchmidt)

Hi, I´have heard (read) somwhere, that I can run 9.3-binaries with a uniface 9.6 runtime. So I tried, but unfortunately Uniface 9.6-runtime returns the error 0019 "0019 Form %%$sub version is incorrect; you must recompile it. Explanation: A run statement tried to activate a form that was not compiled with the current version of Uniface. Compile the form or forms." Has anybody else expierences with that? Thanks a lot. greets Benjamin

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  1. This practice is not recommended and not supported. And because of a change in the compiled format anything compiled before 9.6.02 will not run on a 9.6.02 or later runtime.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (