Uniface.exe like a service on Windows

Author: antoine.picaud@free.fr (apicaud)

Hi all,

I have an application who work currently like a "windows service" with srvany.exe.

It works correctly with start/stop service from wondows services.

The command line launch directly uniface.exe with some parameters.
Now, I need another uniface.exe but the context is different. I need new Oracle home.

To do that, I've create a batch file where I specify some environment variables and I launch Uniface.exe

The start service is OK. The stop service is KO because, Uniface.exe keep on my computer.
Have you a solution to do that without urouter module ?





  1. Hi Antoine,

    have you changed the
    "system" environment variables or the
    "user" environment variables?

    as an alternative: create/check in your bat  a special file like "c:\myalt.1.txt"

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  2. Thanks Uli,

    With your comments, I found a solution.

    1°) Create a new user
    2°) Change "user" variables
    3°) Launch directly Uniface.exe
    4°) Make some tests



    Author: apicaud (antoine.picaud@free.fr)
  3. The solution with srvAny.exe is provided by the registry

    In Parameter section, add a keyword list with all environment variables. The name of the keyword is AppEnvironment

    In this section, you specify NLS_LANG, NLS_..., PATH, CLASSPATH, ...

    It's very sensible because if it's not correct, Uniface doen't start your startup shell and no log is available.

    With ou without $proc_tracing=True in asn file, if the section is not correct, the is no trace.



    Author: apicaud (antoine.picaud@free.fr)