Uniface Web integration

Author: sirusbanks@yahoo.com (Sirus Banks)

I have a need to integrate Uniface usps with existing web applications built with ASP and JSPS. The problem is trying to share server variables with uniface. Ideally what I need is the ability to get and set server variables from within uniface but I can't figure out how to do this as asp stores these variables within IIS and JSP is using tomcat. Even though Uniface is also using Tomcat I can't seem to get them to set and get server variables. Does anyone have any ideas how to do this? I don't want to change code and use cookies, even if that was an option that would get messy.


  1. Do you access to a resource, perhaps the database, that is accessible from the JSP, ASP, and Uniface? If so, then are you able to use the web session ID to set/get these shared variables from your database? Does you application have a session variable/ID?

    Author: discooctopus (disco@discooctopus.com)
  2. Yes, a good idea but this means I need to change the ASP legacy code and that is what I'm trying to avoid. Let me explain, I have old ASP code that uses session variables to pass information between pages. I would like to have Uniface use these variables so that it can integrate with the existing code. So in ASP I might have something like Session("username")="joeblow", and then have Uniface pick this up, somehow. I did read one article with a similar issue from ASP to ASP.net http://www.eggheadcafe.com/articles/20021207.asp where they simply reposted via classic ASP with an ASP.NET action. Seems like Microsoft has this issue as well so I can't really complain about Uniface, but a simple interface like this would be very useful. I'm guessing that JSP has a similar problem. Following the article I could construct an ASP page that posts back to Uniface with a form containing the variables and next action, but I was hoping for something a little simpler.

    Author: Sirus Banks (sirusbanks@yahoo.com)
  3. The current versions of Uniface do not have statements to read or write user defined web server session variables. I think I can see your thought process when you mention JSP and Tomcat e.g. could the WRD servlet access the JSP variables held in the tomcat instance? In theory, I ?guess? this may be possible (maybe a wish list item!) but, I see a couple of considerations: i) As we move more toward clustered deployments / virtualisation, replication of the server variables across the cluster could be an issue. ii) If this were an enhancement for just this type of requirement, it could work for JSP but, I do not see it working for ASP, as the WRD does not use the ISAPI plug-in API directly. Anyone have any other thoughts?

    Author: Jason Huggins (jason.huggins@uniface.com)