Uniface Sample: Web Service Call-in and Call-out - dont work

Author: osieman@gmail.com (osie_osie)

Hi All


I seem to have a problem with the web service sample (Call-in and Call-out) provided by uniface in the samples directory.

After completing all the tasks in the readme doc... I finally want to test the call-out part.

So, to reiterate:-

I have a call-in service which I can test via :



I create another idf environment imported the wsdl and created an frm which calls the above service.



The activate statement produces no errors ($status= 0 , $result = 0, $procerror = 0)

activate "productservice".add_item(THE_NAME,THE_PRICE,MESS.M)


If I activate the below statement ($status = -4)

activate "productservice"."GET_ITEM_LIST"( "SALESITEMSTYPE" )


It sees the service as there is no -50 error ... however something is missing..


Any ideas?










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  1. Okay.. simple answer...

    The soliddb supplied with the example has a field typo (should be item_id and not itemid).

    I dropped the table items, then re created using the model and all is okay...





    Author: osie_osie (osieman@gmail.com)