Uniface Development And Windows 7

Author: jtsagara@logisoft.gr (jtsagara)

Hello, Has anyone test the development environment under Windows 7? I run some tests and i discover a problem with the proc editor , it responds too slow on keystroke. Has anyone deal with this? Regards John


  1. Dear John,

    Which Uniface version and patch level are you using? The problem should be resolved when using Uniface 9.2.03 + O310 (and higher), version 9.3.02 + P201 (and higher), or version 9.4.01 (and higher).

    For more infor see the the posting IDE Uniface9.3.02 slow in Windows7 in the forum "Uniface Development" > "Uniface 9" (here on Uniface.info).

    I hope the provided information is helpful.

    With kind regards,

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    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)
  2. Dear Diseli, Thanks for the response ... i tried to search with keywords Windows 7 & Slow but no results came on... Ok so i must go to 9.4 to be sure... Thanks again...

    Author: jtsagara (jtsagara@logisoft.gr)