Uniface 9.4 with Oracle driver 6.0 and CLOB

Author: hansjoerg.mackh@ksk-gp.de (mackh)

We are using Uniface 8.4 and want to migrate to Uniface 9.5 (we are using Oracle 10). By the way we have some tables with fields which use the long format.

The new Uniface driver does not recognize this fields as long, he tries to handle this field as type CLOB. This results in the error -6 and Oracle error ORA-00932.

What can we do to use this tables ?


  1. Hi Hansjoerg,

    Have you tried the following connector option in your assignment file?

    USYS$ORA_PARAMS = u4_compatibility

    This should then map those fields as LONG.

    Author: jonnyc808 (jonnyc808@hotmail.com)
  2. Hi Jonny,

    thank you for your reply.

    That solves my problem.


    Author: mackh (hansjoerg.mackh@ksk-gp.de)