Uniface 9.2 on Windows 2008 r2

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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks to get uniface 9.2 running under Windows 2008 with xenapp 6 (know it is unsupported). The issue we are seeing isa user starts 3 sessions of uniface.exe, the user starts a long winded report (could be any number of reports) on 1 session then moves on to session one and two. After a while, we believe 53mins +, the user returns to the first session attempt to close the module it is running and we end up with

"Uniface has stopped working"

This then crashes everyone else on the server. whenn looking at the user dump log it is an access viollation. If the users don't let any session go idle for more than 53+ minutes then everything is fine. Driving us up the wall.

Just wondering if people have any suggestions for either windows 2008 r2 installed, or xenapp6




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