Uniface 9 and Citrix

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We are considering the use of Citrix-technology in combinatio with Uniface client/server applications.
Does anyone have any experience with this? Will it work?

We know it's not a supported option. But that doesn't necessarilly mean it will not work.

Kind regards
Maarten Groot Wassink



  1. Hi Maarten,

    It's works correctly but CPWR does not support this platform.

    Our customer use Citrix from Uniface 7, and now, it's Uniface 9 without issue.

    Our customer use also under Citrix, the virtualisation of application provided by the virtualisation tools of Microsoft.

    Trick : The registery is dependant of the citrix server, but with the virtualisation, i suppose is the same.

                The directory of dll for Microsoft is different (64 bits I suppose).

                To launch an application you can use batch (.bat) but now, you can use powershell.

                The published application start powershell with the ps1 file for parameter.


    Antoine Picaud

    Author: apicaud (antoine.picaud@free.fr)
  2. Hello

    Uniface 8 & 9 works without problem in citrix

    Just in old version of citrix (1.8) with windows7, uniface show problems with the screen focus, bu y I think is problem of the differences bettween citrix&windows and affected more applications that U9.

    We also used uniface with w2008 terminal server and the lastest version of RDP have good performance nearly to ICA (in basic traffic)


    Author: sgel2005 (sanchezm.j@sgel.es)
  3. Hi Maarten,

    This is work correctly with Citrix-technology in combination with Uniface client/server applications.

    Some of customer use this combination with Unifaec7,8 and 9 for 10 years more in Japan.

    However, if Uniface is unable to reproduce an issue. Customer may be asked to reproduce the problem on the certified OS, without the use of Citrix-technology from Compuware.

    As far as I know, such a thing does not occur once yet.

    Regards, Kazuyoshi.

    Author: Kazuyoshi (miyamoto@fcs21.jp)
  4. We have been running in both Win 2003 and Win 2008 R2 terminal server environments for some time.

    Issues we contend with involve printing to user local printers and controlling file access to the users local hard drive. We try to use a universal print driver on the TS host machines where possible to reduce the number of different print drivers that need to be installed. Not all print drivers play well on a Win 2008 64-bit host. Print server hangs have been a result.

    As mentioned above, because the TS environment is not officially supported by Compuware, support issues need to be reproducible on a standalone machine.

    Author: DKemp (doug.kemp@noris.org)