Underline for Unifields

Author: satheesh.balu.m@gmail.com (Satheesh)

Hi, According to the ini file the underline is "on" for my application and the unifield which I used in GUI is defined with the layout of NIN,UND. I get the underline in the GUI. But actually I don't want this underline to be visible in my GUI. I expect this field property should be overridden however and the field should visible without underline. I checked with other users and the underline is not visible for them. It seems underline is visible only with my profile. Does any one know how to avoid the underline? I know it is possible to avoid the underline by defining NIN,NUN. But I don't want to use this. Because unifields are used in many places and moreover this is the issue only for me (only with my system login). Thanks, Satheesh

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