U94 pratt error using ORA11 client

Author: mail@gandg.it (TheAleph)

Hi, I usually work with dbase ORA10g and client ORA10g, now testing a pc with client ORA11r2 there is an error on PRATT table; the table is created as in sql files (OPTIONS field type BLOB) the error is about this field .......expected as LONG RAW (?) so can't print. Try to create and link via asn a copy table with the field long raw but the message is 'incorrect print job model can't print' Is it an Oracle or Uniface problem ? Thanks everyone. Roberto


  1. Hello Roberto, We use Oracle 11r2 client as well, but when creating the Oracle database-scripts for Oracle I see a BLOB as I expect. What interface definition did you use for your OPTIONS-field? We use "C*V2" for the interface-definition and datatype "string". Kind regards, Maarten Groot Wassink

    Author: mwgrootwassink (maarten.groot.wassink@tui.nl)
  2. Thanks Maarten, We have the same ....... are you using ORA11 or ORA10 as database ? (in my opinion the problem is the 11 client vs 10 database) Roberto

    Author: TheAleph (mail@gandg.it)
  3. We are using Oracle 11 client and 11 database. Is your create_script (created from Uniface IDF) OK? Or does is contain LONG RAW?

    Author: mwgrootwassink (maarten.groot.wassink@tui.nl)